• Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat have been playing a game of chicken all offseason. While Wade has been scheduling meetings with other teams, his return to the Heat has generally been treated as a mere formality.

    The Heat finally got the ball rolling today, extending Wade a two year $40 million offer with a player option on the second year. Tim Reynolds of the AP had it first.

    Wade was unhappy with Miami’s early offers, though it’s hard to fault Pat Riley’s crew for prioritizing Kevin Durant. With KD off the board and Hassan Whiteside already agreeing to come back, Wade is the new focus. Whiteside was prepared to take less to accommodate Durant, but with that out of the picture the team’s cap situation is coming into focus.

    He’ll be getting the money he deserves but there could be a few more rounds of back and forth. Wade allegedly wants more term and possibly more money added to the deal, but it really shouldn’t be a problem at this point. He’s been taking a little bit less than he could’ve earned for long stretches of his career so Miami will probably pony up and give him what he wants as a final thank you. Tyler Johnson’s impending departure should also open up some space to give Father Prime his due.

    While Wade has a meeting with the Bucks, it’d be the stunner of the summer if he left South Beach.

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