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    The 2017-18 season is upon us! Hoop Ball has grown to over 50 contributors but we’re still far from being where we want to be.  So if you have a passion for hoops, writing, web development, video, audio, social or anything pertaining to a basketball website — let’s see you shoot your shot.

    Heading into Season 2 we have beefed up our offering to include better tools, more coverage of various teams and a greater breadth of fantasy content in both season-long and DFS formats.  We continue to add more pods, we’ve improved the forums and we’re going to add to our already rich stable of live and interactive video content.

    We want to put our flag in the ground for independent sites and independent content producers everywhere as the big box, TV-driven model dries up.  Thank you for your support and here’s to making this a great site!

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Artemio Valenzuela

Interested in contributing!

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