• Jae Crowder and John Wall had a memorable dust up at the conclusion of their last meeting, with Wall getting booped on the nose (it was more aggressive than that, but I don’t get to use ‘boop’ every day) and taking a little swing back at Crowder. The play resulted in a $25,000 fine for the Celtic, and he doesn’t expect to lose any more cash over the Wizards.

    “I lost $25,000, so you won’t see too much out of me,” said Crowder.”For real.”

    With the Wizards climbing back into the thick of the playoff race, expect a renewed intensity between the two teams tonight. The Celtics have disappointed thus far, having entering the season with dreams of battling with Cleveland for conference supremacy. They currently sit third and are saddled with rebounding and defensive woes that have cost the team several games already.

    The Wizards started horribly but have turned it around thanks to John Wall and a healthy year from Bradley Beal. Marcin Gortat has been a steady complementary contributor and Otto Porter has been brilliant as a wing defender and third offensive option.

    “They talk a little more. They say a little more disrespectful things than other teams,” said Crowder. “So that’s what escalated it. I think the [foul by] Bradley Beal [on] Smart really escalated the whole game at that point. Then the talking started to come after that. So we’ll see.”

    If Washington can keep things rolling, this matchup could very well serve as a playoff preview, in which case Crowder and the Wizards would have ample time to work out their differences.

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