• In one of the oddest injury stories of the year so far (both 2017 and the league calendar), Brooklyn backup center Justin Hamilton was hampered by poor eyesight. Eye injuries aren’t all that uncommon (ask Hassan Whiteside), but they usually come from an errant elbow or an accidental poke to the eye. In Hamilton’s case, it turns out that he had a bad prescription. Seriously.

    He’s since changed his contact lenses and can actually see things now, which is a great start. Brian Lewis of the New York Post has the story, with Hamilton reporting discomfort in early December and missing four contests with migraines. He claims that he had no issues seeing things up close but struggled with objects further in the distance, which is particularly unhelpful given his proficiency from three.

    He shot 8-31 from beyond in the six contest before they discovered the issue, which honestly is pretty impressive, but has connected for 8-14 in his last four. Some of that might be the high variance nature of three point shooting, but being able to see the hoop clearly is probably helpful.

    All kidding aside, it’s nice that this was a fairly easy fix for Hamilton and the Nets. This one belongs in the Kevin Love or Terrence Jones category of weird ailments, but Hamilton should be fine going forward.

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