• Kevin Durant was in Austin today for the release of the KD9’s and took some time to talk about his participation with Team USA as well as his looming free agency.

    ESPN’s Royce Young was there and grabbed some quotes from Durant about his future.

    On free agency, Durant delivered the usual line about it being a ‘basketball decision.’ Even though it’s a pretty safe bet he’ll return to Oklahoma City next season, he’d be silly to tip his hand given the fact that there are 29 other teams who would bend over backwards to squeeze KD onto their rosters. Durant seems like a cerebral guy, so even if he’s already decided there’s a zero percent chance he’d drop that knowledge before at least hearing another pitch or two.

    As far as Rio 2016, Durant had been an assumed participant but his official status was unconfirmed. He pretty much verified that he’ll be representing his country at The Games, saying that he’s looking forward to it. While there hasn’t been official confirmation from USA Basketball, they’d be truly foolish to leave KD off the roster, with or without LeBron James.

    As for the actual shoe launch, here’s a look at a pair of gray KD9’s:

    Suffice it to say they won’t get the Curry II treatment from basketball twitter, which is currently busy re-crafting the Crying Jordans that were originally fashioned for LeBron James.

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