• Kings team sources have indicated over the past week that Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore and Rudy Gay are available for trade, and separately that the Kings are losing interest in retaining free agent Rajon Rondo.

    This is more or less a cleanup report from over the past week as nothing specific nor new has developed that we’re aware of.  We’ve seen rumblings of a deal in Indy for Gay, but the sense among sources is that once a few more dominoes fall in free agency that we might see some trade action. 

    Clearly the Kings have a logjam up front so Koufos, whose $25 million over the next three years (including player option) is very cap friendly in this new environment.  Rudy Gay is similarly situated with $27 million on the books for the next two years (including player option).  McLemore is a shot in the dark for a team that thinks they can scrape off the remnants of the Pete D’Alessandro and George Karl era of Kings basketball.  Altogether the Kings have a nice hand they can deal and the fog of free agency is the perfect time to strike. 

    As for Rondo, we’ve noticed a steady decline in enthusiasm for bringing him back for the last few weeks and it will be interesting to see if he can get interest from another team of if he is going to start pitching the Kings on bringing him back. 

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