• As if Jerry Reynolds stepping down from his color commentary role wasn’t enough for Kings fans to digest, they will be missing another familiar voice when it comes time for next season: Scott Moak’s.

    The long-time public address announcer, along with a number of others, was relieved of his duties, according to a tweet from Carmichael Dave.

    Moak had been the team’s PA announcer since 2002.

    In 2014, Moak was named Community Impact and Executive Director of the Sacramento Kings Foundation.

    Many who knew Moak spoke highly of his work, not only at games, but in the community as well, and his departure was something no one seemed to see coming.

    Moak was one of the constants that the Kings had while most players and management went in one door and out the other.

    The 2018/19 season will be a different one for the Kings to say the least.

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