• According to ESPN’s Ian Begley, after finishing 13th in the Eastern Conference the Knicks will look to upgrade their backcourt this offseason.  In an interview Monday with WNBC team president Phil Jackson said: “In our meeting at the end of the season, Carmelo said, ‘really (the Knicks’ situation is) not that bad. I think we have the best front line guys in the game, in the Eastern Conference, in Robin (Lopez), myself and Kristaps (Porzingis).'”

    Jackson went on to explain: “And I have to agree with him. Yes, those are three real potent figures…. So we have some positions to fill , but not a lot. Not that many.”  Begley added: “With the front court set, Jackson & Knicks will look to upgrade the backcourt this offseason via trade or free agency.”

    While other teams may quibble with Melo and Jackson’s claim that New York has the “best” frontcourt in the East, there’s no doubt that Porzingis arrived more NBA ready than many anticipated.  How Jackson and the organization are able to build around their two talented forwards will go a long way in determining the team’s ceiling next season.

    Last year, the Knicks relied heavily on the likes of Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant in the backcourt.  Those names don’t exactly inspire confidence, and the Knicks would be wise to focus on improving their guard rotation if they hope to return to the playoffs in 2016-17.

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Joe Snuffy

” Last year, the Knicks relied heavily on the likes of Jose Calderon, Tony Wroten and Jerian Grant in the backcourt”

Errrm but Wroten didn’t play a single game for the Knicks.

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