• In another classic case of the rich getting richer, Tim Kawakami of Mercury News reported that PF/C Speights is still open to re-signing with the Warriors for the veteran minimum salary.


    After signing Zaza Pachulia to a one-year, 2.9 million dollar deal, the Warriors’ next opportunity to line its roster with talent has officially presented itself. Marreese Speights is still open to re-signing with the Warriors for the minimum. He has proven to be a reliable source of mid range shooting and physicality off the bench, and is apparently willing to forgo the opportunity to earn significantly more from other teams to return to his role with Golden State.

    The Pachulia signing seemed like theft compared to the significantly less productive Timofey Mozgov’s newly inked four year, 64 million dollar contract with the LA Lakers. Adding Speights to the mix would be another instance of the Warriors finding huge value in free agency.


    The decision to accept the minimum makes a lot of sense when you factor in the chance to be a part of one of the most talented teams to ever grace NBA hardwood.

    The Warriors have shown a knack for getting under peoples’ skin recently, and re-signing Speights to a contract worth the vet minimum would just be another opportunity for them to ruffle feathers. 

    Outside of one-team lifers Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan, who wouldn’t want to take less money to go live out by the bay getting wide open shots and piling up wins with Steph Curry, KD and the rest of the Splash family? It wouldn’t surprise me if a mob of veteran NBA free agents started lining up outside of Oracle Arena for a pick up game, where the winning team gets a veteran minimum contract from the Warriors. Would Ray Allen come out of retirement for a spot in that game?

    Like it or not, Joe Lacob and the Golden State Warriors continue to attract good players and live up to the claim that they’re miles ahead of the rest of the league. 2016-17 represents a chance for them to redeem their 3-1 NBA Finals collapse with a retooled roster. With the way they’re getting free agents for pennies on the dollar, that’s only going to strengthen their case.


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