• Well, well, well. According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, point guard Nate Robinson will be trying out for the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks.

    Robinson has previously voiced his desire to pursue an NFL career and he’ll be trying to make the team as a defensive back. Robinson is a Seattle native and attended the University of Washington, so if by some miracle he were to actually make the Seahawks it’d be quite a nice story for a hometown kid.

    He did play cornerback for the Huskies in 2002, so he’s at the very least proven capable of playing at a high level. On the other hand, that was long 14 years ago, and it’s highly doubtful that anything comes of the tryout. After over a decade of professional basketball, it’d be quite the shock if the diminutive Robinson could adjust to the NFL.

    After becoming a fan favorite in New York, Robinson spent time with seven other teams in his career. It’s unclear if this endeavor means he’s moving on from his basketball career, though that’s the likely outcome if he manages to last long enough in camp.

    Robinson, the owner of an 11-season NBA career, spent only two games with the Pelicans this past season before being waived and signing in Israel. The three time dunk contest winner will be looking to join a short list of multi-sport professionals. Even though the odds are against him, it’s cool to see he’s gotten this far already and we wish him good luck with whatever path he wants to go down.


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