• The Thunder went armed into their meeting with Kevin Durant on Thursday with the message of canceling his meetings in the Hamptons and signing long-term so they could chase Al Horford.

    The plot thickens here because it’s not great that their initial pitch or plan got rejected.  Maybe it means nothing and both sides are going through a very methodical game of cat and mouse and the Thunder are way in the lead as had been previously reported.

    But Durant’s best cash play is to sign a short-term deal with the Thunder and it would appear that OKC is taking the basketball part of KD’s decision-making process seriously enough to try and pitch a deal with way less cash.  And if the basketball part of the decision-making process is really carrying the day, then the Celtics just landed a nice piece in Horford and that’s before we get to the Warriors, Spurs and Heat.  In the end this is all speculation but Thunder fans can’t be comfortable with the less-than-smooth optics.

    UPDATE: Chris Broussard tweeted out a timeline of his decision.  24-36 hours to go.

    Another update: Broussard now says the Horford decision doesn’t matter.  If that’s true then that helps OKC with at least one of their competitors.

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