• Over the course of the Rio Olympics I plan on slapping together some quick thoughts from all the basketball that goes down. The dedicated basketball channel that most providers have for the Olympics is a godsend and a terrific idea. If you missed any game, men’s or women’s, it’ll be on there at some point.

    I didn’t get a chance to watch a full women’s game today and I’d rather not extrapolate on half a quarter of Brazil vs. Australia. In the future I’d like to get some women’s games though, so be on the lookout for that.

    Let’s get to it…

    Today’s Results


    Australia 87 vs. France 66
    USA 119 vs. China 62
    Serbia 86 vs. Venezuela 62


    France 55 vs. Turkey 39
    Canada 90 vs. China 68
    Australia 84 vs. Brazil 66
    Japan 77 vs. Belarus 73

    Australia 87 vs. France 66

    First off- I didn’t catch the entirety of the game, so I’ll be limiting my thoughts to what I did see. France has generally been viewed as the consensus #2 in this tournament but laid an egg today. The Boomers dominated from start to finish. France made it close in the second quarter but really never looked like a threat.

    Australia’s scoring attack was led by Patty Mills (21 points, 2 boards, 5 assists), Andrew Bogut (18 points, 4 boards, 5 assists) and Aron Baynes (14 points, 8 boards, 1 assist). Australia is one of those teams where you forget about their sizable NBA presence but it showed today- I’ll never forget you again Joe Ingles.

    France had only two guys score in double figures; Tony Parker (18 points) and Mickael Gelable (13 points). Euroleague MVP Nando de Colo played 24 minutes; in the same neighborhood as Rudy Gobert (25) and more than Parker (21) or Nic Batum (22). Boris Diaw led the French with 31 minutes; hardly ideal considering his old man status. Batum was particularly disappointing with just 5 points and 3 field goal attempts. If France really wants to compete they’ll need to wake up soon.

    Top Performers

      Australia France
    Points Mills 21
    Bogut 18
    Baynes 14
    Parker 18
    Gelable 13
    Diaw 9
    Rebounds Baynes 8
    Andersen 5
    Bogut / Broekhoff 4
    Gobert 7
    Diaw 5
    Gelable 4
    Assists Dellavedova 10
    Bogut 5
    Mills 5
    De Colo 3
    Heurtel 3
    Diaw / Batum / Parker 2

    Stray Thoughts:

    • France looked BAD; nothing cooking for them at either end
    • It’s still unbelievable that France couldn’t find a spot for Evan Fournier
    • Australia played a really smooth game; they got pretty much whatever they wanted on offense
    • Dellavedova made a few nice plays on his way to 10 assists, but pretty much anyone with a pulse could pick up an assist or two in today’s game
    • Aron Baynes looked good in my limited viewing; I’m interested to see how he’ll look in Detroit this year
    • Australia might be a more serious player than I gave them credit for. I don’t see them medaling but they can turn out some fun games for sure
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