• Paul Millsap did some great things for the Atlanta community earlier today.

    Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was on hand at the M.R. Hollis Innovation Academy where Millsap donated 600 backpacks full of school supplies for the upcoming year. It’s a tremendous gift from The Sapper who talked about his own history; someone once gave his mother school supplies for the Millsap brothers when he was growing up in Louisiana. She was a single mother raising four kids and the gesture was clearly not lost on Paul.

    The Hawks’ star forward had his name in the rumor mill this offseason as many thought Atlanta would rebuild after trading away Jeff Teague and losing Al Horford. Instead, the Hawks replaced Horford with Dwight Howard and will try and compete with a new look roster.

    Millsap’s charity work in Atlana extends beyond this donation and if nothing else it’s a sign that he truly cares about the city and its people. As a tremendously coveted player across the league, Atlanta is truly lucky to have him as both a player and a person.

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