• According to Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times, Paul Pierce will be returning to the Clippers for his 19th season in the NBA:

    Turner later clarified that it is still not official yet:

    Nobody is expecting Pierce to be the force he was in Boston, but his presence in the locker room would be greatly appreciated, and he has a long standing relationship with head coach Doc Rivers which makes him a great asset for the Clippers coach.

    Last year was a major struggle for Pierce on both ends of the court.  He shot just 31% from the 3-pt line and was unable to reach 40% on his field goal attempts overall for the first time in his career.  He would be best served in diminished role off the bench for the Clippers, and hopefully the team is able to find a player or two to put in front of him at small forward, assuming that he ultimately decides to return.

    Regardless of his contributions on the court, his knowledge of the game would be a welcome part of that locker room moving forward.   Either way, the Clippers need to address the small forward position if they plan to challenge Cleveland or Golden State next season.


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