• In an announcement that 10 years ago might have never seen the light of day, Phil Jackson tweeted that he and Lakers part-owner/president Jennie Buss have decided to end their engagement.

    It’s pretty rare to see news in which power brokers within the NBA ecosystem are in a relationship and breaking up.  And to the extent this makes relations between Phil the president of the Knicks and Jeannie the president of the Lakers any different — or more interestingly, if it puts Phil to L.A. rumors on tilt — then it becomes NBA news and not just fodder.

    There is enough conjecture and spin surrounding Phil, the Knicks and the Lakers to render sifting through it all a somewhat laborious and fruitless exercise.  The Lakers appear to be moving in the right direction under Mitch Kupchak and Luke Walton, while the Knicks are mired under questionable decisions both on the floor and off the floor under Jackson.

    If the relationship issues had any role in the latter, then perhaps Knicks fans can take solace in the idea that Jackson might refocus some energies into figuring out the Joakim Noah conundrum, or how to start properly developing Kristaps Porzingis while Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony dominate the ball.

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