• Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald went in-depth (sort of) on the Chris Bosh situation as he and the Heat continue to dance around the issue of his blood clots.

    With Chris Bosh going on the offensive this week, the message to the Heat is clear: Getting salary cap relief for Bosh’s contract, if he isn’t cleared to play, is going to be a mighty contentious struggle.

    We’re told the Bosh camp remains frustrated with the Heat’s handling of his situation, and that’s part of the reason Bosh and wife Adrienne have gone on a social media blitz this week. As one NBA official said, Bosh wants the public to know he wants to play amid the Heat’s silence.

    The Heat has declined to say if Bosh will be cleared – Bosh has been awaiting word himself – but the team disputes any notion that it is trying to keep him off the court to remove his salary from the cap.

    And here’s the problem: Though the Heat can apply to remove Bosh’s future salaries ($25.3 million in 2017-18, $26.8 million in 2018-19) from its cap as early as Feb. 9 (a full calendar year since his last game), the odds are against Miami being granted that relief if Bosh fights this.

    If you’re trying to prognosticate whether or not Bosh plays it’s a nice read, but the money quote might be from Pat Riley himself.

    “There are many players in different sports that do play with that condition, and they’re on and off programs on blood thinners and stuff,” Heat president Pat Riley said last month. “But I think when it comes down to a final protocol, or if it gets to a formula in how this has to be done, then that’s what we’ll deal with.”

    It sounds like this is heading toward a showdown in which both parties have to lay their cards on the table.   Bosh has to tell the Heat exactly what his proposed protocol is and then it will be up to the Heat to decide if they want to fight it.  We’re still having a hard time seeing them try to stop him if he continues to push as hard as he is to play, but they’re probably angling to have as much control over the process as possible.  Until then, the posturing on both sides will continue.

    Update: As Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel put it, this tweet might render all of the conversation moot.

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