• Dave Joerger recently sat down to discuss a minutes reduction with veterans George Hill and Zach Randolph according to The Ringer.

    The discussion reportedly centered around the fact that Joerger wants to distribute minutes to the younger players and that both Hill and Randolph might see a decrease in playing time as a result.

    Here’s the snippet from the report:

    Still, Joerger knows that playing Fox—who is averaging 26.6 minutes—and some of the other relative newbies is a means to multiple ends. According to someone familiar with the conversation, Joerger recently sat down with Randolph and fellow free-agent signee George Hill and told the two vets that he might siphon off some of their minutes and funnel them to younger players. (When I asked the same person how that went over, the reply was “How do you think it went over?” That’s the PG version of the account.)


    We’re not going to speculate as to who the person familiar with the conversation was, but assuming this report is accurate it doesn’t sound like things went smoothly. With the amount of youth on the team the veterans knew what they were signing up for when coming to Sacramento in the offseason.

    Playing time was going to be a given early on but as the season progresses, a decrease was inevitable. It’s something to keep an eye on moving forward as a minutes reduction may not occur straight away, but it will likely happen at some stage from here on out.


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