• Ian Begley of ESPN.com reported that Derek Fisher is exploring his options and expressing his interest in playing again.

    Fisher posted video of him working out on Facebook the other day and we’re struggling to think of a coach that returned to action in recent times — in any sport.  There will be the veteran leadership angle we’ll hear a lot about if this goes anywhere, but based on his coaching and his recent play in Oklahoma City, there was nothing savvy about his approach to basketball in the slightest.

    He was a bad shot machine and he constantly fed into the narrative-based coaching that Scott Brooks was known for, and with the Wizards thin in terms of perimeter depth that would be the first place we’d look to see if there’s any interest.  Heck, Brooks would probably give him 25 mpg throughout the playoffs.  Regardless, it’s an interesting turn of events for a guy that at age 42, with his resume, probably shouldn’t be short of options but that’s at least a little bit of what is going on here.

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