• Sean Deveney wrote on Thursday that the consensus in Las Vegas among front office executives is that “a major deal involving (the Celtics) is coming soon.

    This is good stuff and it makes a lot of sense for all parties.

    Deveney writes about Russell Westbrook and surely the Celtics would love to get him, but there isn’t a ton of smoke surrounding a potential deal by the sound of things.  His sources tell him that “Westbrook’s representatives have been given no word of a potential deal.”

    The part that gets interesting and doable is when Deveney writes “the likely target for the Celtics, according to front office sources, is Clippers forward Blake Griffin.”

    From the article:

    The Clippers have been weighing trading Griffin all season , and the possibility of a three-team package involving Sacramento sending Rudy Gay to the Clippers has emerged.  The Celtics would give up some number of their upcoming draft picks, but opposing front-office members say they don’t want to give up either Brooklyn pick Boston can own in the next two years.

    Well of course Danny Ainge doesn’t want to give up something to get something as that’s not really his style.  Now let’s get to the Clippers’ consternation because everybody has to express their reluctance at some point.

    The Clippers have 31-year-old point guard Chris Paul on hand, and league sources have said that if the Clippers move Griffin — a move that Clippers coach and front-office head Doc Rivers is reluctant to make  — they will want a deal that involves draft picks and a frontline star who can keep them in Western Conference contention.

    This potential deal makes a lot of sense if the teams can maneuver through the details.  The Clippers aren’t winning a title anytime soon and their window is basically shut (sorry Clippers fans).  But they still have to sell that they’ll be competitive to Chris Paul, the fans and Steve Ballmer (in no particular order).

    Rudy Gay can be a nice replacement piece for Griffin and his defensive limitations will be covered up a bit by DeAndre Jordan.  He may also be more motivated to play defense when George Karl isn’t sticking him in the corner so Rajon Rondo can pound all of the air out of the basketball.  But most importantly, getting something for Griffin now while his value is high is imperative if you’re the Clippers.

    For the Kings, as long as you’re getting a pick in the 15-20 range or a nice veteran player of the same ilk, perhaps that needs a change of scenery, you’re doing pretty well.  And if the Celtics get Blake Griffin, they’re in the small group of teams that can threaten the Warriors.

    This seems like a no-brainer for all parties involved, but Ainge hasn’t exactly been able to make things happen on the trade block lately so we’ll see.


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