• Following a tough loss at home against the New York Knicks, the Sacramento Kings head back out on the road for a game against the Utah Jazz.  The Jazz enter Saturday’s game with a 14-10 record, but the team has been held back by injuries.

    The Jazz have built their team on tough defense, and much of that starts with Rudy Gobert.  Gobert has had great success patrolling the paint this season, and with plenty of athletic defenders all over the roster, Sacramento will have quite a challenge coming on offense tonight.

    Here are some notes heading into the game:

    • DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gobert will likely be the biggest matchup of the night, and the team will want to find out early how well Cousins can do against him in the post.  Gobert has the size and strength to handle Cousins inside, so the team may be smart to have him act as more of a facilitator.  The Kings should still expect him to put up plenty of points, but he is not likely to dominate this matchup the way that he normally does.
    • The Jazz are one of the better teams in the Western Conference when they’re healthy, but almost all of their starters have struggled with injury to some extent.  It is still unclear who will be sitting in this one, but the team also enough depth to deal with a few injuries.  Either way, Sacramento will want to take advantage of the fact that the Jazz are not yet at full strength.

    Ever since the team’s last road trip, they have had difficulty getting much offense beyond DeMarcus Cousins.  All enthusiasm surrounding a very strong start to the season from Rudy Gay has completely evaporated, and Gay has failed to be the second option that the team has needed.  In order to avoid their second straight loss tonight, the team will need some players to step up and provide some help for Cousins, and Utah is not likely to make that easy.



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