• The Kings released a statement on Wednesday regarding former Vice President of Community Affairs Scott Moak, who was known not just for his exceptional performance in that role, but also for being synonymous with Kings basketball as the team’s PA announcer since 2002.

    When it was reported that Moak was let go, it sent the local Sacramento media and online fan base into motion.  Aside from his work in the community and the team, Moak was a big behind the scenes figure in the movement to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

    There has, however, been a developing nature to this story as the Kings released a statement to the Sacramento Bee.

    “We are restructuring our community programs given the importance of that role, now more than ever,” the Kings said in a statement. “Scott is a cherished announcer and we offered him the opportunity to stay in that role, as originally envisioned for him.”

    It is unclear what his job duties have been throughout this past season and how they have transitioned since he was given the title of VP of Community Affairs in 2014, or who if anybody is going to replace him in those duties.

    As for Moak, it’s unclear if he will return in the capacity of public announcer and what type of downgrade in pay he would be looking at.  The Kings did not immediately respond for comment.

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