• The San Antonio Spurs have their man. After missing out on Kevin Durant earlier today, the Spurs ‘lasered in’ on their number two target.

    Gasol will step right in as Tim Duncan’s replacement with The Big Fundamental strongly leaning towards retirement. While there will be a defensive drop off as the big Spaniard lines up next to LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs once again nab a smart veteran who will probably fit in seamlessly. He had a very strong season with the Bulls and chose San Antonio as his next stop.

    The deal is for two years and worth over $30 million, which is a bit less than he could’ve earned from other suitors. Gasol had also been pursued by Toronto, Minnesota and Portland but chose to join the Spurs, perhaps in an effort to win one last ring. This had been a rumor for quite some time, dating all the way back to Marc Gasol’s late-April musings about Pau heading to San Antonio.

    Like many other deals handed out this summer, Gasol has an opt out that will allow him to hit free agency again next offseason. Whether he tries to chase a ring, maximize his earnings or simply sign a larger deal with the Spurs remains to be seen but the cerebral Gasol will probably use that flexibility wisely.

    Gasol, set to turn 36, will also enjoy the minute massaging that Coach Pop is famous for. Set to play starters minutes in a system that relies on good decisions and precise passing, Pau will be a fun fit for the Spurs.

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