• Steve Kerr said Stephen Curry was mostly bothered by a long layoff, and said “he may just not be quite where he needs to be, but it’s not an injury.”

    The ‘is Stephen Curry injured because he’s not ruling the universe angle’ is interesting because analysts normally watch tape to determine if he has proper explosion and then make recommendations based on that viewing.

    Curry indeed had many successful forays to the hoop that exhibited the same level of explosion he had all year, and at the same time he has been getting worn out covering Russell Westbrook.  That’s a pure coaching decision and something we think teams should have been doing all year.

    In addition, the Thunder have been banging him up and that’s another thing we didn’t see much in the regular season. And at the same time the Warriors have not adjusted to the tried and true method of attacking an all-switching defense by getting favorable switches and then attacking them one-on-one.  Any team will look lethargic and bad when running the wrong system against a good defensive squad.

    For Kerr’s part he seems irritated by the question and we would be too if a player was simply not executing and the press wanted to make excuses for that.  And if his star player was indeed injured, most coaches would know there is no competitive advantage to be gleaned in disclosing that he might not be all the way there. They’d want to provide some cover for their player rather than forcefully put it out there that he isn’t injured.

    If the Thunder truly felt that he was hurt, they’d lay off him and that’s simply not going to happen anytime soon.  If anything they’re going to re-double their efforts to cover him in Game 5 at Oracle, knowing he’s probably ready to erupt.  If that happens, it will be fun to see how narratives get shaped now that a number of big name writers including Adrian Wojnarowski have said that he is hurt.


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