• The Magic, Lakers and Pistons reportedly have interested in signing Al Horford this offseason, and they won’t be the only ones.  While all eyes will be on Kevin Durant this summer, Horford is the next name on most team’s free agent wish list, so expect him to visit more than just these three teams.

    It’s no mystery why Horford will be in such demand.  He’s the model of the modern NBA big man, as he can switch onto smaller players and protect the rim on defense while also being able to make plays for others and shoot from distance on the offensive end.  Along with Paul Millsap, Horford formed one of the more versatile front lines in all of basketball, unlocking a variety of lineup combinations for the Hawks.

    Many of the teams listed, however, seem like odd fits for Horford.  Andre Drummond is the current cornerstone of the Pistons organization, and the team has already surrounded him with versatile forwards in Marcus Morris and Tobias Harris.  Horford would certainly be an upgrade over those two options, but it might not be the best allocation of resources for the franchise.  Meanwhile, the Lakers have needs up and down their roster, but would have to sell Horford on the prestige of LA and the hope of acquiring a second star.

    Of the teams mentioned, only the Magic seem to make much sense for Horford.  The team’s two biggest needs last season where outside shooting and rim protection, which he offers in spades.  If the team were to slot Horford into their starting lineup instead of Nikola Vucevic they could quickly become a playoff threat in the East under new coach Frank Vogel.

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