• Since Draymond Green delivered a swift boot to the groin of Steven Adams in the 2nd quarter of Sunday’s Game 3 between the Thunder and Warriors, the basketball world has been waiting for the NBA’s decision regarding a possible suspension.

    It’s not looking good for Green, especially considering noted ‘specialist’ Dahntay Jones was suspended earlier Sunday for delivering a groin punch to Bismack Biyombo in garbage time of Toronto’s win over Cleveland.

    Though the circumstances are totally different, ranging from the caliber of the player involved to the state of the game, he should probably be suspended. It’s impossible to judge intent, but it certainly doesn’t look like a normal shot. Whether the NBA wants to suspend one of its budding stars for a pivotal game remains to be seen and it’s possible they just slap him with a Flagrant 2 and leave it at that.

    Capitalizing on the time between The Kick Vined Around The World and the actual disciplinary action, the war of words has begun. Last night Russell Westbrook stated he didn’t believe Green’s claims that it was unintentional, while Adams complimented Green’s accuracy. Coach Steve Kerr has been saying that the kick was unintentional and compared it to Westbrook kicking his legs out to draw contact on jumpers.

    Today Green called out Westbrook for his perceived theatrics.

    Green also said his flailing leg was just part of him trying to sell the call as part of the movement he’s accusing Westbrook of starting. If he dodges a suspension, expect there to be some bad blood between the two, as they’ll surely cross paths on one of Westbrook’s relentless attacks at the rim.

    Whether he’s suspended or not, it’s an unneeded distraction for a team that’s suddenly looking like an underdog in the Conference Finals after a record-setting regular season.

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