• Ty Lawson broke the terms of his probation by testing positive for alcohol three times over the past seven months according to TMZ Sports.

    Officials told TMZ that Lawson tested positive for alcohol on September 27, September 29 and February 7.  Media day was on September 26 and after telling reporters the usual stuff about doing the right things, it would be a terrible look for those dates to pan out but those are small issues at this point.

    If true, he needs to get proper help and assistance so he can push through and hopefully turn the page on these issues.  TMZ reports that officials want a judge to revoke his probation and subject him to harsher punishment including jail time.

    The next court date is reportedly March 22 and that is a home game for the Kings so it’s possible he could be in court and then make a short flight from Denver back to the game.

    In terms of reaction anything is possible for the Kings, who could let the process play out or decide now is a time to put a foot in the sand.  Based on their past actions they will probably try to handle this in the offseason.

    As for Lawson and his NBA future, he’s flying dangerously close to the sun.  He has had a pretty good season and would be a nice, inexpensive vet for any number of teams to bring in.  But they can’t do that if he can’t keep from violating probation or get his alcohol issues under control.

    Update: The Denver Post is also reporting the same issues.

    Update II: Lawson’s lawyer issued a statement to News 10’s Sean Cunningham, indicating that the Post’s report that a warrant has been issued is incorrect.  That’ll be an interesting tug of war but either way the court is scheduled to review the matter on March 22 and there is no denial of the issues present in either media report.

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