• Tony Allen, one of the NBA’s finest personalities, took to Periscope this afternoon to share his voting process for the NBA All-Star game. This season, the fan vote will count for 50% while media members and players will account for 25%. That was a questionable move, given the amount of water-carrying done by media members and the propensity for players to vote for their friends and teammates over more deserving candidates.

    Still, it’s a move that many (myself included) supported with the hope that diluting the fan vote would eliminate some of the ‘popularity contest’ elements of the voting period.

    Allen seems to be the first player to publicly reveal his choices, and they’re interesting.

    Representing the East? Kemba Walker (great!), Andre Drummond (fine), Luke Babbitt (?), Michael Beasley (??) and Mo Williams (???).

    The West is unsurprisingly composed of Grizzlies, with Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, James Ennis and TA himself getting the nod.

    While the broadcast was good for a few laughs, it’s the type of ballot that will muck up the good intentions of the new format.

    If the NBA finds too many players submitting crazy ballots, expect the rule to change or the pool of players to be limited.

    The NHL had a similarly memorable incident at last year’s All Star game when fans voted for infrequently-used enforcer John Scott. Of course, Scott wound up being the star of the weekend as an unlikely attendee despite the league pressuring him to stay home. This year the NHL put some added restrictions on the player pool, and it’s not hard to see similar common sense restrictions pop up sooner rather than later.

    But anyway: Luke Babbitt #NBAVote

    Just doing my part to spread the good word.

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