• According to Jason Lieser of The Long Beach Post, Udonis Haslem is getting ready for Chris Bosh to play, although he is admittedly unsure about what his curent status is:

    The lack of optimism surrounding Bosh’s health is getting more and more concerning by the day.  While the quote from Haslem doesn’t necessarily sound bad on the surface, the underlying uncertainty seems to be the general theme surrounding his health status.  With the departure of Dwayne Wade, the Heat will a need productive season by Bosh in order to build on, or even approach, their 48 wins from last season.

    If Bosh is forced into retirement, the immediate impact would be a huge blow to Miami’s roster next season, but could prove to be a source of cap relief next off-season when the salary cap is expected to take another huge jump.  If he is forced into medical retirement, Miami would be able to take his salary off of their cap sheet one year after the retirement, which would provide a little over $25 million in extra cap room.

    With the salary cap expected to take another large leap, the Heat could find themselves in a great position to sign some premium players, especially with a free agent class that is expected to be stronger than this past season’s.  With the departure of Wade and the emergence of young players like Hassan Whiteside, Josh Richardson and Justice Winslow, Miami may look to find a new star to build their franchise around in the event that Bosh is unable to continue his career.


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