• Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Friday that the Sixers are deep into talks with the Celtics for the No. 1 pick and Markelle Fultz.

    Woj adds that they’re waiting on medical information and that would presumably be a formality, but let’s also be clear and say that it’s entirely possible going deep into talks is designed to shake the trees of all the other teams in a wide open trading market.

    From Philly’s perspective, the No. 3 pick isn’t great for them because Josh Jackson doesn’t project well as a shooting guard and Ben Simmons is their small forward for the time being.  They also don’t need to spend a high pick on somebody like De’Aaron Fox, whose main concern is shooting and did we mention they already have to see the Ben Simmons bet out.

    Trading up for the player they like might be the best use of this pick, and from Boston’s perspective we have to see what they actually get out of this before weighing in.  From their side, they can play Fultz with Isaiah Thomas but we have our concerns about Fultz’s defense as a No. 1 pick.  Maybe they think the pick has more perceived value than real value.

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