HawksCast: Great Expectations for the Hawks

Brad Hardin is joined by Host of the Locked on NBA and Locked on Fantasy Basketball Podcasts Josh Lloyd to talk about the playoff aspirations for the Hawks and what they need to work though to get there


Host Brad Hardin is joined again by Mr. Atlanta Player Development Jordan Boatwright and both David Bracey and Marcus Braden to talk about when the NBA Season should start and the Hawks array of options at 6!

HawksCast: Pacers-Hawks Connection

Host Brad Hardin celebrates the 10th Episode of Hoop Ball Hawks talking the Atlanta Sports scene, Victor Oladipo to the Hawks, and a potential trade scenario with the Pacers and Golden State Warriors!

HawksCast: MLK Jerseys & The Playoffs?!

Host Brad Hardin talks about the Hawks unveiling the FIRE Nike City Edition Jersey commemorating the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and talks about how possible is it for the Hawks to make the playoffs next season!