BullsCast: Game 11 Recap + The Newest NBA…

After stewing over it for a few days, Greg Mroz gives a quick recap of the Bulls 130-127 loss to the LA Clippers at the Staples Center on Sunday. Greg talks about Zach LaVines insane performance & why we should expect his upward trend to continue. Plus, in the wake of the Bulls-Celtics game being postponed, Greg outlines the new health & safety protocols set forth by the NBA on Tuesday.

ClippersCast: Paul George, Silencing Haters

ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? Brandon Marcus welcomes Joey Linn back to the show on this lovely Saturday! Topics include Paul George's MVP start, Ty Lue's offensive changes, Zubac thriving, and Nic Batum playing like he cares again.

ClippersCast: Who Should Be the New Coach?

Who should replace Doc Rivers? Should it be Ty Lue? How long should the Clippers search, and what should the roster look like next year? Adam Ausland joins Brandon Marcus for a get-the-ball-rolling-on-the-offseason primer!