LakersCast: One Game Away!

Ethan & JC break down the Lakers win & look ahead toward Game 5, examine a potential Dwight for Markieff switch, stress the importance of the #CaruShow, and how LeBron might have just locked up Finals MVP.

LakersCast: Three Wins Away!

Ethan and JC break down what went right for the Lakers and how the purple and gold can keep the gas flowing in their quest for the NBA's greatest honor.

LakersCast: Lakers are in the Finals!

Ethan and JC dive into the poetry of the Lakers returning to this stage in the same year we lost Kobe, the chemistry and connection of this group, and excitedly preview the next stage of the game for these Lakers who are anything but done.

LakersCast: Lakers Dump Game Three

The Lakers dumped Game 3 by losing the first three quarters, and despite a furious fourth, LA still came up short and now move into Game 4 with a modest 2-1 series lead.

LakersCast: Defensive Clinic leads to Commanding 3-1 Lead

Lakers are on the verge of the Western Conference Finals and it could be an all LA conference finals…in Orlando. JC recaps Game 4 that was a defensive clinic from the Lakers that just might have put all future plans beyond this season of small ball lineups to bed.

LakersCast: Is It Game 2 Yet?

Ethan and JC break down the Lakers' necessary adjustments, including a potential change to the starting five, DEMAND MORE CARUSO, and suggest a couple of rotation tweaks for Frank Vogel to explore.