KingsCast: ESPN Likes the Kings but Doesn’t Want…

ESPN loves De’Aaron Fox so much they’re already trying to get him out of Sacramento. The cast of The Jump spent 3 minutes trying to figure out why De’Aaron Fox would say he loves Sacramento, cause, ya know, he couldn’t possibly mean it. 

KingsCast: Does He Really Need A Reason?

De’Aaron Fox is the latest to withdraw from USA Basketball. Official reason: focus on the upcoming season and the Kings making the playoffs. He’s entitled to spend his offseason as he prefers but that doesn’t stop us from examining the possible reasons why, and why everyone of them makes sense.

KingsCast: Boogie and the Promise of Defense

Former Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins tore his ACL while working out in Las Vegas and it looks like he’ll lose another year of his career. Is this the end for him, and if not, what does his career look like moving forward?