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Denver Nuggets 2019-20 Team Preview

In a summer where a bevy of teams completely revamped their rosters, the Nuggets chose the path of continuity. That's great for team chemistry and on-court success, but what does it mean for fantasy profit margin?

Dallas Mavericks 2019-20 Team Preview

Last season was promising, but Dallas ultimately didn’t have enough juice to hang in the Western Conference -- nor were they really expected to. With a mostly-healthy Kristaps Porzingis added to the roster, how high can the Mavs go?

Chicago Bulls 2019-20 Team Preview

The Bulls scooped up Otto Porter for almost nothing last season, and then made some shrewd pickups in the offseason to bolster their depth up front and in the backcourt. We’ll see if that actually leads to a better on-court product.

Atlanta Hawks 2019-20 Team Preview

The Hawks rode their high-flying youngsters to a strong finish in an exciting season. With the East in flux, Atlanta --and fantasy players -- are hoping that the Hawks are ready to take the next step.

Sacramento Kings 2019-20 Team Preview

There’s no question that the Kings have a solid future lined up given their young players, but a few of the free agent moves make you wonder if they’re trying to cut corners and squeak into the postseason as quickly as possible.

Phoenix Suns 2019-20 Team Preview

The Suns did solve the issue at point guard and have talented young players to build around, so while they are not going to make the playoffs, it will be a disappointment if they don’t show improvement in the standings.