Adds and Drops

  • Langston Galloway still an enigma for owners

    Langston Galloway scored eight points on 3-of-9 shooting (including a three) with four rebounds and two assists in 29 minutes off the bench on Friday against the Heat.

    Galloway is a 9-cat guy with top-80 value there and he’s barely straddling the cut line for 12-team owners in 8-cat formats.  Lately he has been hard to trust and it looks like Derek Fisher is getting very comfortable with his veterans.  That said, the Knicks got blown out and vets Jose Calderon (25 minutes, four points, zero assists) and Arron Afflalo (four points, three boards, 19 minutes) weren’t good at all.  9-cat owners need to be patient but 8-cat owners don’t have to consider him a must-own player.  Just know that the old guys are all injury prone in New York and there is stash value outside of the standalone value Galloway has been showing.  Jerian Grant went for eight and six in 23 minutes and he’s a cut or three below Galloway, at least for now.

  • Tyler Johnson might not be ripe enough for stashing owners

    Tyler Johnson played 20 minutes off the bench on Friday, scoring six points on 2-of-5 shooting with two assists and one steal.

    Johnson has shown flashes of productivity and the blowout nature of this game might make this result a little shaky, but stashing owners in 12-14 team formats want to see more on a night like this with Luol Deng (hamstring) out.  There’s talent here and a lot of injury risk within the Heat’s shallow roster, so we’re trying to preach patience.  But until he shows us more he’s not a must-stash player — at least not yet.

  • Kelly Olynyk flashes his upside in blowout win over Washington

    Kelly Olynyk scored 12 points on 4-of-7 shooting (4-of-5 from deep)w ith four rebounds, two assists, two steals and one block in 21 minutes off the bench on Friday.

    Olynyk’s minutes usually sit in this range and this type of output is the reason he’s stashable.  He’s a late-round value in his 17.6 mpg so far this season but he’s mostly unusable due to the sporadic deployment and he needs a trade of Jared Sullinger or an injury in the rotation to really break out.

  • Aaron Gordon bombs for stashing owners on Friday

    Aaron Gordon played just 18 minutes on Friday against the Bucks, scoring two points on 1-of-2 shooting with five rebounds and one steal.

    Gordon is probably a few months away from being worth the squeeze in fantasy leagues and the Scott Skiles factor has always been undeniable here.  He’s a low-level stash and basically represents a Hail Mary with the hopes he gets unleashed and maximized by Skiles all in one swoop.

  • Shane Larkin shows a little of his stashability in loss to Thunder

    Shane Larkin logged 25 minutes off the bench on Wednesday against the Thunder, scoring 10 points on 4-of-7 shooting (including two threes) with four rebounds, six assists and one steal.

    Jarrett Jack played just 26 foul-plagued minutes and so we got to see a little bit of what the speculators saw in Larkin going into fantasy drafts.  He isn’t going to do a ton in the money counting stat categories, but playing behind an aging Jack on a shallow, bad team has its privileges.  If he gets big minutes at any point in time this is probably what it will look like, and he’ll have just low-level stash appeal in 12-14 team leagues until the needle truly starts moving.  It’s not right now.

  • Gorgui Dieng showing what fantasy owners already knew about

    Gorgui Dieng scored 10 points on 3-of-7 shooting with 11 rebounds, three assists, two steals and three blocks in 26 minutes off the bench on Wednesday against the Hawks.

    We can throw all sorts of qualifiers out there like Karl-Anthony Towns’ (22 minutes, six points, six boards, one block) struggles and the fact that Sam Mitchell only likes to play him at backup center right now.  We can talk about the theoretic return of Nikola Pekovic and fall in love with Nemanja Bjelica’s money counting stat production whenever he gets back from his knee issue.  But none of that begins to deal with the fact that Dieng is a very good player and he should continuously rise to the top of this rotation as the year goes on.  He’s a top-120 guy already in just 20 mpg.  What do you think that’s going to look like toward the end of the year and he’s getting 30?

  • Zach LaVine all over the stat sheet in 27-minute outing

    Zach LaVine scored 18 points in semi-relief of Ricky Rubio (ankle) on Wednesday, hitting 7-of-13 shots (including two treys) with five rebounds and six assists in 27 minutes.

    LaVine is a hot mess and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.  Rubio’s ankle seems like it has a long-term component to it and at the same time we just don’t know when he’ll play his way out of the rotation due to poor decision-making.  We’d like to say that Sam Mitchell is committed to playing him and Sam has certainly shown that, but Sam has also shown the capacity to do some strange things in his career, including with this team.  LaVine, for his part, has been a top 100-120 value in 24.3 mpg this year but his percentages are much too high to keep up.  Consider him a mid-level stash for the chance Minnesota lets him loose and the sophomore responds.

  • Dennis Schroder pushing owners to the brink in standards

    Dennis Schroder hit just 1-of-8 shots for two points, three rebounds, two assists and two steals in 14 minutes off the bench on Wednesday against the Wolves.

    Schroder has a ton of talent but he shoots a lot and his shot can still come and go.  In a 9-cat league his top-175 value in 23.5 mpg and 40 percent shooting don’t make him a great stash, and in 8-cat leagues his corresponding top-150 value isn’t screaming ‘hold me.’  But he should get better as the year goes on and in a 30-minute role with some improvements he could easily be a mid-round guy in 8-cat formats, so there’s more incentive to stash.  If you want to be really sneaky, his 30 percent shooting over the last seven games is probably due for a bounce-back in the next week or so.

  • Dwight Powell owners wondering what to do after mixed night

    Dwight Powell scored just two points on 1-of-6 shooting but did have eight rebounds, three assists and two blocks in 21 minutes off the bench on Tuesday against the Grizzlies.

    Some folks might be scared off by two slow nights and talk of JaVale McGee (DNP-CD-rest) eating into his minutes.  Still, this line isn’t exactly chopped liver and Powell can flat out play.  If he was dropped, pick him up as a prime stash with the ability to contribute in spurts and don’t look back in most if not all formats.

  • Gorgui Dieng still being held back by Sam Mitchell

    Gorgui Dieng continued to see limited minutes in Friday’s home loss, scoring eight points on 3-of-7 shooting with four rebounds and two steals in 20 minutes off the bench.

    Sam Mitchell could very well get a long leash following Flip Saunders’ unfortunate passing and he has a lot of folks in Minnesota scratching their heads with rotations and the like.  Dieng’s underutilization has flown underneath the radar and the third-year man has looked apprehensive like many whose minutes have been clipped, but he’s still a late-round value this season in just 18.9 mpg.  Hopefully you didn’t listen to any other Internet reports telling you to drop him, because though the Mitchell thing is real he will eventually bust out and has early round upside.