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Brandon clark

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9 cat h2h drop clark for Kyle Anderson or D’Andre Hunter?

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Alec Dominic
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Don’t drop Clarke. Especially either of those guys. 

Capt. Caineghis
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Depending on the league size, I'm fine with moving on from Clarke. Especially if he's the lowest on your totem pole, at some point you'll want to make a cut for the hot free agent. If he can't even get a serviceable role with JJJ on the shelf, I wouldn't be excited to hold him for JJJ's eventual return.

Meanwhile, Slow Mo has looked amazing. We've always known his statset translates well for fantasy. The question has always remained whether he can get the minutes, and right now the minutes are JUICY. Maybe he takes a hit when/if JJJ comes back, and at that point, you can always kick him to the curb for the next hot free agent.

I'm also a bit intrigued by Hunter, but typically his statset has been hollow. Plus, today we had Gallo and Capela out, which allowed for more burn for Hunter. When those two are back, I think he's a drop candidate in 12-team leagues, but in the short-term, he looks like he might be able to provide, but his situation isn't appealing enough for me to make the swap.

It's Slow Mo for me.