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Trade for Zion or Keep Booker Poll is created on Aug 31, 2020


Dynasty trade  

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Fellow hoop ballers I was offered Zion for my Devin Booker in my 9-cat H2H Dynasty League  I love Booker and he’s a huge part of my young core but the offer is enticing because Zion is such an amazing athlete. His skill set in college would be a great fit for my team but I worry about his potential for injury with how big he is... Booker has been healthy and just continues to improve every year. Zion has a high ceiling but I worry based on his year one sample... what do you guys think? 

my roster is 

Lebron James, Pascal Siakam, Russell Westbrook, Andre Drummond, Devin Booker, TJ Warren, Brandon Clarke, Brook Lopez, Norman Powell, Jerami Grant, Troy Brown Jr, Gary Trent Jr, Nerlens Noel, and Shake Milton. 

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Wow! That's a loaded roster...are there any other teams in your league? Wink  

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I think Booker is the safer bet, while he is 4 years older than Zion, he’s still young. ZW is a massive injury risk and I think with some of the older stars on your team, LBJ and Westy, you need a solid, reliable star to build up around.

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Zion for me. Higher ceiling if he puts up more defensive stats and stays healthy.