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harden trade

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9cat 10 team roto


im punting fg and reb

do i win or lose if i trade my harden, oubre and clarkson for his paul george, cp3 and batum?

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wow, this trade is monumental, lets break this down, harden and oubre are not very close to paul george and cp3, both of the guys you might acquire are clearing top 40 players and harden will probably go down when KD returns and bruce brown looks really good, also batum and clarkson are close, I have to say accept this deal, the rebounds are basically a non factor as oubre and batum will each just get a few rebounds and nobody will get more than 7 on a nightly basis, fg are tough to see but i'd say you might be losing a few fg but I still think you should accept this deal, also please answer my trade question including lammelo ball and fred vanvleet