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IL Players: Can't Add List  

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Once the league starts up again, does anyone know if there is a way in Yahoo to make players like KD, Klay, etc who would not have made it back to play for the fantasy seasn, ineligible to be added or is it just a matter of telling teams that they cannot and will be removed from teams by the commish if an attempt is made?

Dan, hope you, Bru, and all your staff are finding ways to stay afloat during this whole mess right now... especially with you having baby #2 on the way anytime in the next few weeks.

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Dan Besbris
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I think just tell teams not to do it, and if you have to, the commish can undo any moves and/or lock teams that disobey...

And yeah, thanks man. We're pretty nervous. The reports on mom/baby virus are limited, but one thing that seems true for now is that the mom would have to give birth in isolation and not see her child for potentially days or weeks so as not to pass it along. So we're basically going into quarantine in the hopes we can at least get through birth before we expose ourselves to anything.

Scary stuff.