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Injured players impact should i buy?

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Hello, most of managers want to know it i think. how about injured players impact who are come back soon. JJJ, Nurkic, Aaron Gordon, Markanenn, Marcus Smart, TJ Warren, Love and etc. Should i buy them, keep and use for second half & playoff fantasy? They really can impact fantasy stats? Because lot of players couldn't play like before injure. Should i buy them?

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wow, this is a tough question, they are always tricky, there are two ways to look at this, #1 is how long will they be out and is it worth it

#2 is they will all be back for the playoffs but can they get back to their origianl value,

I'm guessing you want some of both so I'll answer them together, 

JJJ: his return date keeps on being pushed back and there are possible reasons why but I think they mean it will be a very long time and sadly I doubt he will play this season and if he does have very low minutes as he is a big part of their future and they dont' want a multi year injury, I would barely give anything and maybe just a decent pickup off the waiver wire


Aaron gordon: this team is looking for anything they can get on offense and they are currently 1.5 games out of the wild card, I think he could be back shortly after the all star game, I wouldn't go with his original value but if you can get him for TJ McConell or nerlins Noel or another decent player I would jump at the opportunity, I would maybe throw some deals at his owner and if you roster him I would hold him, a fair deal may be for maybe devontae graham, or thaddeus young or someone who is about 75% rostered


Lauri Markannen: I don't really know what is going on with his injury but I think he should be back around the all star game so only missing a few more games, I don't think they will rush him back with thaddeous young playing so well and they want to develop patrick williams, I do think this team has a lot of room for pts and rebounds which Markannen can get and I would treat him as a must add player off the waiver wire but probably wouldn't trade that much in return on him, 

Marcus smart: this one is tough, he was doing well towards the start of the season and it looks like he will be out until after the all star game and my question is if there is a reliable spot for him? even if they play small with Tatum at PF, Brown at SF, Smart at Sg and Kemba at PG they have two top scorers in the league and another good one in kemba, smarts pts will decintigrate but his assists will soar if he gets the ball a lot and runs the point, I would say he is a must add in all formats but in pts leagues shouldn't be valued much but in categories his steals and assists will provide sufficient value

TJ warren: this one is weird because about a week ago we heard he was nearing a return and was on the trip just wouldn't play, i do think he will return in the near future but I'm not sure if they will play him a lot as he has had many leg injuries and it seems he was rushed back to fast and he needs more time and the only way to project future injuries is past injuries and he's had a lot of those, i would consider rostering him in a standard pts league without IR spots but feel he is a solid player in category leagues, I would say he should be rostered in 70% of category leagues and about 55% of standard points leagues, I would barely trade anything besides a very long shot like precious achuiwa or jaylen nowel or something

Kevin love: he will return soon but how much will he play and get the ball? in category leagues I feel his percentages will help and his rebounds will be great but in points leagues he just doesn't really help with anything, I would roster him in 60% of category leagues and 45% of pts leagues, I wouldn't trade him unless I was giving away someone in the g-league or basically nothing,  


In conclusion it really matters on your team, if you are in first or doing very well you can buy low on a guy like aaron gordon, take a few tough matchups in exachange for a big adavantage in the fantasy playoffs, but if you are struggling and need wins to make the playoffs you can't take an injured player, good luck to anyone who reads my very long message

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Indeed very good points and I agree 100% percent.From this bunch of players are Levert & McCollum excluded on purpose?

Additionally,what is your opinion of stashing any of Delon Wright,Mitchel Robinson & Bogdan Bogdanovic at this moment for a 20team points league with no IL.


Many Thanks

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hmmmm, well lets start with your first question about the two injured players

Caris levert: this injury has been very long and it seems it will still be at least a few weeks but I think he should be back fairly soon and has some value in deeper leagues, I would probably roster him in 45% of category leagues and 35% of pts leagues, he is a fine add in deeper leagues but in 10 team standard leagues I would slightly advise against it, I would call his trade value very little although he is a decent player

CJ McCollum: he has been out a very long time but seems to be returning in about two weeks, obviously when healthy he is a top 50 player and I feel he should currently be looked at as a top 75 rest of season, probably a fair trade for RJ barrett, Thaddeus young, or terrence ross or another player rostered in about 70% of leagues, If you can aquire him for a former waiver add such as anyone on the thunder besides SGA or tj McConell or something jump at the oppurtuniy but remember he doesn't need to run that much to have solid value as his shooting is great and the blazers are yearning for a scorer and I think McCollum will come into a big role


lets get to the three guys now

robinson: he barely had any value when he was healthy but in 20 team leagues I'm guessing he was a solid player, I do think he is a decent add but I don't think he is a must add if you need wins now especially but I would add him if you can

delon wright: I know he was okay, and I know he'll be out for a couple of weeks and I still think robinson is better when he's healthy but Wright should be back sooner, I would say add wright in a week or two but not right now, it's not worth it as the pistons are a garbage fire


bogdan bogdonavic: I'll be frank with you, don't add him, his injury is unclear, his timeline is unclear, his value when he is healthy is barely okay for 20 team leagues, if you are dominating and can wait a long time then maybe get him as a speculative add but I'm fairly against it, also this team is not trying to win and bogdanovic isn't a big part of their future which they need and I feel they will just start trae, cam and hunter and the two good big men. 

I hope all this information helps you and please help me in the future as I have taken a lot of time with these responses