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Injuries help

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Hey everyone.
this is more for me to understand how non-droppable players work (I'm playing on yahoo fantasy). and i unfortunately have way too many injuries on my team (with just 1 IR spot). And having just lost Dipo today. I wanted to cut bait with him and pick up another player but ran into a problem. he was picked up in the 2nd round so he's not droppable. And now I have four injured players (1 already in the IR spot). is there anything i can do to cut Dipo loose so i can free up that spot for a streamer?

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Oladipo should lose the Yahoo "can't cut" tag pretty soon, I imagine. Probably won't happen until after the results of the MRI, but then you shouldn't be thinking about dropping him until after the official results are back anyway.

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Let's wait and find out what the deal is with Dipo before you cut him, anyway.