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Been eyeing J.Rich and with Simmons being out i'm considering him.

But i'm stacked team wise. Would have to drop either:
- Naz Reid
- James Johnson

Playoff start on the 16th, and plays on the 16th, the other 2 start on the 17th. Just FYI.

JJ has been doing good for me, and Reid has been up/down (but I see his upside). Can I count on Reid tho...?

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I have James Johnson also cause he fills up the stats sheet. I don't know if we can trust Richardson at this point his fg isn't good but the minutes are gonna be there. As in terms of Stocks I think that Johnson and Richardson are about the same. For play off schedule Richardson has 4-4-3 the next 3 weeks. James Johnson has 4-3-4 the next 3 weeks. I have a bye week next week. For I am holding on to James Johnson until I hear of any news about Kat.

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Not sure it makes much of a difference in this spot. Stand pat or move, it's a wash. Go with stats you need most.