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Keeper Trade Question  

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Hey all!

In a 12-team, 9-cat, H2H Yahoo keeper league. Current keepers are Trae, Bam, and Kat. Unfortunately, I don't have a second or third round pick as of now. 

Have a proposed trade of Bam and a fifth for Nurk and a second. Thoughts? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Matt Chabot
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I'd take it. Bam is an amazing fantasy asset, but I could see him resting a bit more this season. The deep playoff run and the quick turnaround will probably work against him. Nurkic had a long time to get himself healthy and moving your pick from the fifth to the second will be huge. 

Jim B
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I would stay put with Bam (unless you personally like Nurk more than Bam for the long haul).  Bam is 3 years younger, and your second round pick is not really a second round pick in a keeper league.  It is at best a fifth round pick if you only have three keepers.  Any sure fire stud keepers will likely go the round before your "second" pick.

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I'd stick with Bam in a keeper league. He'll be better for longer.