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panic trade?

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9cat 10 team roto

I am last in the league with a 12pt margin...

here's my draft

1. (6) James Harden PG,SG
2. (15) Deandre Ayton C
3. (26) Russell Westbrook PG
4. (46) Mitchell Robinson C
5. (55) Michael Porter Jr. SF,PF
6. (66) John Wall PG
7. (75) Collin Sexton PG,SG
8. (82) Davis Bertans PF,C
9. (86) Jerami Grant SF,PF
10. (95) Bojan Bogdanovic SF,PF
11. (106) Nerlens Noel PF,C
12. (115) Otto Porter Jr. SF,PF
13. (126) Lou Williams PG,SG


before the season had begun i traded Grant for Oubre(i thought it'd be a good move)...then I dropped OPJ and lou williams for patrick williams and keldon johnson...later i dropped keldon for kyle anderson(after keldon's only dud)...then patrick williams for bledsoe(waiver!) and Noel for biyombo coz i had no playable bigs(until Ayton's revival)


since many of my stars only played ~3games(harden, wall, MPJ) and many of them are underperforming...I'm not sure it's a good thing to do a 3for3 trade involving westbrook...

my potential trades are:

1. Westy, Oubre, Bertans(or Mitch robinson) for Brogdon, harris, BroLo

2. Westy, Mitch Robinson, Kyle anderson for CP3, Mikhal bridges, Jarrett allen


Shld i just sit back and wait for my players to bounce back or make the move early?