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Ranking These Wing Players ROS

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How would you rank the following wing players overall for the ROS? Thank you so much!

Kyle Anderson (SF/PF)

Otto Porter (SF/PF)

Cam Reddish (SF/PF)

Will Barton (SG/SF)

Terrance Ross (SG/SF)

Danny Green (SG/SF)

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I'll go:

Terrence Ross (caps out around 85-90 or so in most 9Cat leagues, but most reliable on this list)

Cam Reddish (has top 65-75 potential, but the situation is crowded and going to get moreso)

Will Barton (also top 75 potential, but I don't think he gets there this year.


The other 3 are going to be hit and miss depending on who's out in their rotations. In most 12-team leagues, they hover around the cut line.