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Steph Curry trade

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My team has been raddled with injuries between Nurk & Bryant. Would you trade Steph in a 12 team 8caT h2h for either Melo Ball & Boucher or Turner & Holmes? My other bigs are Cousins, Ayton, & Olynyk 

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Capt. Caineghis
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Nah man, if you're looking to move Steph, look for other bigs taken in the first. Maybe you can get KAT with him sitting out the next 10 days or so. Jokic is probably a no go for 1-1, but if you throw in a lesser guy, maybe it works. I'm not very high on AD this year, as it looks like he and LeBron definitely are coasting till the playoffs, so I would probably not go his direction.

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If you’re looking to move Curry. Swing big. Get Drummond! I would try and move Ayton... 

Curry is worth two good players. Melo and Boucher isn’t bad. I like Turner and Holmes. But you deserve a better combination.


Zach Lavine? Middleton? Hayward? Zion? Ingram?  don’t aim low with Chef Curry!

Josh King
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Steph is going to be a legit first round talent this year, and you deserve that kind of value in return. Melo and Boucher / Turner and Holmes isn't bad, but I do think you can definitely get something better.