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Updated Yahoo! Pre-season Ranks

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Hey all, Yahoo! has updated their pre-season ranks recently, which impacts where we gain and lose values on particular players.  Of note to me (considering I do 9CAT H2H, redraft leagues):


3. Towns - Probably the right spot for him, but his previous #6 spot would have been a nice value pick

4. Doncic - Way too rich for my blood, and almost no way he gets here, which means other players fall a pick or two to the rest of us!

13. Collins - Too high for me with all the firepower in ATL

14. Booker - climbing and losing value

15. Kawhi - good value at this price

16. Beal - small drop from previous spot. I actually don't mind him here and am not that concerned with Wall hurting him all that much.

22. Irving - We were hoping to get him at a slightly lower spot, but this is probably about right for him.

23. Zion - WHAT?? 

25. Donny Mitch - too high for me. Guys like LaVine, Russell, and Jamal do similar things and are available a little later.

26. Kemba - no value in this pick with all the knee issues

27. Jrue - too soon for his new environment and potential 30-mpg ceiling

30. Ja Morant - not until you prove it to me, son 

31. Jamal Murray - the hype train is chugging along. Let someone else take him here.

33. Vucevic - Solid value

34. SGA - about right, he could probably finish higher than this

36. Paul - if he falls to here, take him

39. Ingram - would probably be too early for me if we knew Zion was always going to be healthy, but he hasn't shown us that he can be.

40. Nurkic - A massive jump from their initial ranks where he was outside the top 100. I think he has second round upside, but I wouldn't take him there - if he's around in the 3rd or 4th, that's money in the bank.

42. KP - massive injury risks, but if he cant play 75% of his games, this price should pay off

44. Jaylen Brown - another big jump from his previous spot in the 100s. This spot shaves off all value.

45. D Lo. I'd rather take him here than Donny, Jamal and LaVine in previous rounds.

47. Mitch Rob. Darn, was hoping for a value play on him.

48. DRUMMOND. For a guy who has had runs as a top 5 guy (when FT isn't factored in), I'll take him here all day! Probably my favorite value play in these ranks.

49. Lowry - age and injuries always steer people away, but he hits this mark with ease.

50. John Wall - Nope. Let someone else take him.

52. Lonzo - I love his game. I don't mind him here, but hoping he drops more.

54. JV - too soon for me

58. CAPELA - another great value

62. Wood - the hype will carry him higher than I will likely spend, but at this spot, I'm fine with it.

65. Coby White - he was previously around 100. This puts him outside my price range.

68. WHITESIDE. New environment creates some unknowns, but in 25 mpg, he cruises by this spot with his eyes closed

70. Turner - Very affordable

72. LeVert - no thanks

74. DeRozan - trade talks linger, but worth the risk at this point

78. COVINGTON - massive value

79. Oladipo. "Prove it" year for him. I like him here.

87. HAYWARD. Lead dog for CHA with top 30-40 upside. 

91. MPJ - surprised he's not higher honestly. I would take him here, but his trajectory is going to keep lifting him higher.

93. Devonte - A little crowded for him, but I like this spot for him, especially if you don't care about FG

99. MIKAL - A sneaky value that lots of non-Hoop-ballers will sleep on 

100. Horford. At this price, you might as well.

104. OPJ

109. SEXTON - for a guy who is improving and can give you 20 ppg on strong percentages, I love this spot.

112. Barton - he can crush this rank, but injuries are concerning

124. BAGLEY - Seems he's been forgotten about. Likely a major steal if you can get him here or anywhere outside the top 100.

126. LOPEZ - wow, not getting ANY credit at this range - 2.4 blocks/game last year - great pick

129. K. Hayes - as Detroit's building block, definitely worth a late-round flier

134. Gasol. He should beat this easily.

139. KPJ - another decent flier

145. Deandre Jordan - if he's going to get starter's minutes, which it seems like he will, can't go wrong with a double-double, late-round pick

157. Poeltl - One of my favorite sleeper, late-rounders this year

162. Noel - We know he cruises past this

164. COUSINS - worth the risk anywhere outside the top 100 if he's there

179. Doumbouya - worth a flier here


That's my quick look. Curious to know everyone else's takes on this set of ranks!

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Capt. Caineghis
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288. Chris Boucher - wow, I don’t think this holds, but if you can grab him with a late-round pick, I love it.