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What keeper would you rather have?  

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Hello fellow hoop-ballers!

I have one keeper spot left and am deciding between:

Woods in round 13

Clarke in round 10

Anunoby in round 13


I have read mixed things about Woods online (and am anxiously waiting for the Bruski 150 as a non-360 subscriber) so wanted to ask what others thought. I believe all 3 would outperform the rounds I can keep them in so just wondering who do you think of the three would be the best value?
Thanks in advance!


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Capt. Caineghis
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Wood by a landslide. He has already shown stints of being a top 40 guy. The other two haven’t. He’s going to be going in the 40-50 range or higher in a lot of drafts, with some sites even hyping him as a 3rd round pick (a little rich for my blood, but just an idea of the hype around him), and the fact that you could take him in round 13 is a monster of a deal as he could legitimately finish more 100 spots higher than that.

Doug Potts
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Agreed. Wood is the choice here!

Matt Chabot
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No question about it. You take Wood there. The upside at that spot is immense. 

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Yeah Wood comfortably, although im expecting a big leap from Clarko this season

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Wood. It's not close.