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what to do with ayton? Poll is created on Jan 09, 2021


what to do with Ayton?

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is he really worth holding onto? hes getting the minutes but Suns are doing well with him being a pedestrian...ppl hv been saying points is not everything but what else does he offer other than reb? no 3 no steal no assist , even TO is high for a low scoring guy

i picked him in 2nd round but now i feel like i cant even trade him for someone like holmes or thomas bryant(if healthy)

shld i just wait for 1 big game and try to get whatever i can?

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Man I’m on the same boat. I wouldn’t mind moving him for MPJ, Turner, or even Mitch Robinson 

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Fellas, it's early. Do not over-react and sell your second-rounders for chump change. Will Ayton finish as a second-round value? Maybe not. I'm not sold, personally. BUT, his value cannot get much lower than it is now, so by selling, you're selling low - a terrible strategy. He might not be a second-rounder, but he'll be better than this. Now, if someone is willing to give you a bona fide  second-rounder for him, that's worth consideration I wouldn't mind swapping him for an Embiid, Adebayo, Jimmy, Drummond, Siakam or Simmons types, but if you're selling low, no thank you. If you can't get someone in that range, then you hold. You have no other option unless you want to give away value to your opponents.