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Who to drop to activate OG 9 cat h2h 12 team

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Im torn here OG will likely be back tomorrow and i need to activate him off IR.  Team is below- i have to keep mcconnel his apg specially is huge for me, i want to stash lord because im not finding a shot blocker like that that can hit FTs.  TRoss usage is throguh the roof right now and I'd be crazy to not see how Bey unfolds.

Kawhi, tatum, fvv, jv, capela, hield, kanter, ingles, delon Wright, mcconnell, lamb, ross, bey, lord williams.

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I would drop Lamb, he is struggling and levert might be coming back soon and warrn may be back at the start of April, you should probably drop williams because theis and thompson are both ahead on the depth chart, also they are front runners to aquire andre drummond for either kemba or smart, please tell me should I do

fred vanvleet and josh jackson FOR lamelo ball and tim hardaway junior?